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    The Google "View Image" Button is Gone

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      Why isn’t there a “View Image” button on Google, anymore?


      At first, we thought something wasn’t working, this week. The View Image was a cool Google feature, which would often provide a reasonably sized image. That had been a great research tool for us. It was faster than going to the Googled web page and looking all over the place for what appeared in a Google search. (Sometimes the Google image doesn’t appear at all).


      But, not everyone thinks like we do. For some people, that feature was means of making it a little easier to steal images.


      Getty Images, the huge stock imagery library (which has tens of thousands of photos we created), complained to the European Union’s antitrust commission. It has been reported that Google settled with Getty over their complaint. And, hence, the “View Image” feature is gone.


      We will miss that feature, but strongly support justice for the intellectual property of creative professionals.