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    Swap Sets/Cycle Layers Issue




      So I'm having trouble with getting a cycle layer animation to work with swap sets. The cycle layer is a series of five frames for a "High Five" animation. What I would like to happen is this: when I pressed "1" the animation will play with his default arm disappearing, and then when I release "1" his default arm placement is back.


      They way this character is set up is that his default arm is within one group while his cycle animation is within another. So far, when I press "1" the cycle plays fine, but the default arm can be seen. How do I stop this from happening? Both groups are within the trigger panel as swap sets. I'm p[probably just misunderstanding something or missing something entirely. Any help would be appreciated!

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I had the same issue. Then after playing around I found a workaround. I don't know why it works, but here's what I did. First I added a trigger for the cycle, then I added the swap set. Using only the trigger for the swap set, here's what my cycle looks like




          Here is the trigger panel.


          Trigger panel.png

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            katherineh69674104 Level 1

            I've tried your solution but it doesn't seem to be working. That, or I am not doing what you suggested correctly (which is more likely the case.)

            I understand that the cycle will have a trigger and that works. It's what needs to be set as a "swap set" that I am confused about. I've tried only having my cycle as both a trigger and a swap, and having it with the default arm group, and neither seem to be working.


            What seems to be happening now is that the cycle plays, and his default arm stays (same problem as before), but his hand now disappears entirely.


            Thanks for trying though!

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              alank99101739 Level 4

              If you knock up a skeleton puppet demonstrating the issue and export it, can have a look to see if something easy. Its often easier to tinker than explain.