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    Flex 3, externalinterface and C# .Net

    Sidney Rees
      Hello! Thank you for reading.

      I have a desktop app and i need to send some data to my flex 3 app using externalinterface.

      I have been doing some testing but i can't find the way to send complex data (like an ArrayList. I've good results sending strings, numbers and arrays)

      Actually i have an ArrayList in C# .Net and i am trying to send it to flex but i just keep getting a Null object... i used the same function o send Arrays before but i can't send ArrayLists.

      Can anyone please help me? Any help will be good.
      Can anyone tell me where to find an example on how to pass ArrayList from C# to Flex ? (Or tell me where i can found one because i have search in google for hours without finding a solutions)

      Thank you in advance!

      PS: I have already checked this examples: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/flex_net.html