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    Imports Never Finish


      I'm new to Lightroom Classic. I find that I am able to import small folders, but for larger folders (a few thousand photos), the import never finishes (even after 24 hours or more). LR isn't hanging, I can still use it, but if I try to quit I get the message "Quit Lighttoom? There is a task in progress: import files at their current location."


      The most frustrating part is the only indication I even see that LR is doing something is the icon in he taskbar shows a color bar around 100% and I can see CPU usage. But I'm amazed LR doesn't even have any type of dialog that displays during import to show meaningful status as files are being imported? ie. what folder is in progress etc? That would at least allow a user to figure out if it's always hanging on the same folder etc.


      I've reviewed numerous threads with people reporting LR hanging on import but at this point haven't found anything that helps.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          The exact version of LR you are using.

          The OS you are using.


          Check the Identity Plate and stop, Pause, any face detection, syncing or GPS lookup.

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            David_Feynman Level 1

            Thanks. LR Classic 7.1 (current version). Windows 10.


            When I select Edit > Identity Plate Setup I don't see any options set up (is this what you wanted me to do?).


            As far as I can tell face detection isn't turn on (I've never used people view) nor have I used GPS lookuop.


            If there is a way to pause a sync, other than by exiting, I cannot find it (and I did Google it).

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              The current version is LR 7.2.


              No not that option in the Edit menu. Hover over the identity plat and you will see a small triangle to the right. Click that triangle to show this.


              Identity Plate Options.png

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                David_Feynman Level 1

                Thank you. I paused address lookup which was on. When I stopped syncing a message popped up showing me 7 files that could not be imported due to being "damaged". They opened fine for me but since they were of no importance I deleted them, in case that was what was causing the hanging at the end. I don't think it was.


                I then resynced a large folder which said there were 19 new photos and it went to about 100% and just stopped there again. I stopped that sync and then imported another large folder with about 6000 small size photos. That one imported OK and is now stuck around 100% at "building standard previews". Yet CPU usage was non-existent, so I clicked on the x sign to stop it.


                I'm going to import with minimal preview and see if that improves anything...