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    Issues with RAW photo import size

    pete424 Level 1

      After this last update I am having problems with the size Photoshop opens files. I am a real estate photographer. I have been using this same work flow for many years. I shoot RAW, 3 exposure brackets which I edit individually in Lightroom before blending using a Lightroom plug-in called Lightroom Enfuse. I open the image from Bridge to Camera RAW, make small edits and then open the file in Photoshop. The photos are still 4288x2848. When they open in Photoshop, they open at 3%. When I hit Control+0 (which should open to fit screen) it reduces the file size to 2.6%. I am a CC subscriber and all my installed Adobe products are up to date as is my Windows10 install. This is driving me crazy, please someone share some wisdom.