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    JPG of iPhone Photo wont import


      I  know lightroom doesn't support the new iPhone files, which is why I've started to export my iPhone photos (many taken as live  photos) in their original format and also in jpg format to a back up folder that I access with lightroom


      However, when I try to import the jpg photos into Lightroom, Lightroom doesn't even see them to import them. Though they will see the HEIC and MOV files of the same photo.


      Adding to the frustration of this, if I change the name of the jpg version of the photo, the photo will appear and can be imported. It would seem there is nothing inherently wrong with the files since they work when the name is changed.


      To sum this up - 3 versions of the same photo (HEIC, MOV, JPG) - the HEIC and MOV will show up in Lightroom to import. The JPG will not unless I change the name of the file (not practical for roughly a thousand photos).


      Anyone know how to fix this?


      I'm running on Lightroom CC Classic on an iMAC and my phone is an iPhone x - all my software is up to date.