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    Unloading a FLV

      I'm having some weird playback issues and I'm trying to narrow it down. I have multiple FLV movies in my swf, played through the FLV playback component. I intentionally didn't put in any control buttons because they're not necessary for what I'm doing. If you want to view another movie before the one you're watching, you can just click on another movie, which stops the current one.

      Or does it? My problem is...after watching a few movies and switching back and forth, the site kind of hangs up and won't play the movies. I can't tell if it's me or my hosting company.

      Do I need to unload the movies or by switching to a different movie, does that cancel out the previous one or do I have x amount of movies still playing and bogging down my site? This is my code to stop the movie, do I need anything else?:

      var lis:Object = new Object();
      lis.complete = function(){
      flvPlayerBTF.addEventListener("complete", lis);

      I'd really appreciate it if someone could check out my site and see if a) they can replicate what's happening to me and b) if so, what's going on? Thanks. The site loads lickety-split.