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    Font style disappears upom each update

    ribaholic1960 Level 1

      Hello --


      I'm having a problem I have solved myself previously but can't resolve it this time.


      From time to time, I add font styles to Photoshop from a free open provider. It seems that each time there is an update, those "added: font styles disappear from my list. In the past, I have simply gone back to the website from which I gathered those styles and added them again.
      The recent update has left me in this situation again but this time out, I cannot seem to re-add the missing choices. AND it appears I have fewer of the default choices than are usually available (those that come with Photoshop).


      I am using Photoshop 19.1.1 on a PC with 16 GB of RAM and plenty of hard drive space available.


      Any suggestions of why this happens with each update and where the font styles go (and if there's another manner to restore them besides revisiting the website from whence they came)?


      Thank you.