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    After update to 5.7 LR doesn't start anymore



      I have the following problem. I was using LR 5.7 and couldn't see ARW RAW files. I found out that I would have to update to 5.7.1, which I did. Since then I can start LR anymore and get this message when I try to:


      "Adobe Application Manager, required to start your trial, is missing or damaged.

      Please download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager from



      I don't have a license because the person who gave me the product is no longer there. I can't look it up, because the program doesn't start. I tried to talk to one of your representatives but he couldn't help me at all and all he / she (very anonymous?) told me was to look for a solution in the forum. Since I couldn't finde one, I hope that you can help me here.


      I am ready to purchase an upgrade to LR6 if need be but I am not willing to simply buy a new license. The software was working fine until I upgraded (download from your page). I am pretty upset and very sceptic that I will find real help here. It seems to me all you want to do is sell subscriptions and out your former users.


      Please prove me wrong, thanks!