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      Jeez I'm stupid or something... when capturing, all the Text Captions are automatically set to Italian or something. Where do I set the default language for capturing to my preferred language (English)?

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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi Ras

          Not my speciality, but I have found that Captivate sometimes "picks up" the original application language on auto captions and displays Indian/Greek/Russian in the text captions. If your version of Captivate is English, then that is that and not much you can do with it except to edit those captions into a version that us English speakers can understand.
          Sorry about this, but maybe someone else has an idea that will work.


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            Hi Andrew, thanks for the response.

            When clicking on record, there is an advanced button where one can select the language (I should've just opened my eyes), but that defaults to Spanish. So I moved the language .rdl files I don't use to a separate folder and left only the English file, and all other languages disappeared from the selection and it defaulted to English, problem solved.

            Thanks again, I nearly lost hope.