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    Photoshop wont work right when a second monitor is plugged in?


      For some context, I was using Photoshop with my Dell Inspiron 7773 and a Wacom Intuos and a second monitor attached. It was working perfectly fine for weeks, the keystrokes I had bound to the pen worked fine with the program, I told it to ignore the second monitor (profile) because it kept telling me it was defective or something. And it was fine! But now, whenever my second monitor is plugged in, it wont work.


      Even though the pen is bound to the same keys as the tools in photoshop are, it doesn't open those tools! I press the second key on my pen, bound to B, and it doesn't switch to the brush. I look in my photoshop key bindings, and the brush is bound to B! not only that, but even though my tablet is set so that it only recognizes the laptop as a space it can draw on and stuff, whenever I enter photoshop, the callibration is slightly off to the left. Sai is working fine, all my key bindings are working fine, the callibration is fine, and otherwise, nothing has changed!


      I don't really understand. Thank you!