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    Inserting a Flash video and the Bandwidth Monitor

    Carl Alessi Level 1
      I am new to Captivate, and I want to be sure I'm following some practical guidelines for inserting Flash video in my Captivate slides.

      I know there are quite a few variables relating to practical bandwidth usage--basically, we are creating elearning presenations that will have "talking head" videos embedded within. These presentations will be available for download via our LMS site, both within the US and overseas.

      I have utilized Captivate's Bandwidth Monitor to gauge the bandwidth hit each video slide is responsible for. However, I don't believe the numbers I'm getting back: because I've set each embedded video to "Pause slide till end of video", all the slides are reporting the same length in seconds, KB per sec and Video KB numbers.

      Can someone suggest a practical method for setting up the videos such that the Bandwidth Monitor can interpret them correctly? Can you also suggest a rule of thumb for maximum length for each slide with an embedded video (320 X 240) in it?

      Thanks in advance,