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    Sync with Lightroom CC has stopped working


      My goal set up is this:

      • All my pictures backed-up in the cloud.
      • Lightroom Mobile on my phone and tablet
      • Lightroom Classic on my Laptop
      • Everything syncs
      • New pictures can be added on any of my 3 devices and will appear on all three


      I tested this with a small test catalog and it seemed to work. Then I moved on to my half-terabyte main-catalog. I cleaned up that catalog, ordered the photos cleanly into date folders, renamed the files to prevent duplicate names and other issues (that helped ruin my first attempt at this) and then migrated that catalog to Lightroom CC as it seemed to be suggested that that was the way to get  everything into the cloud.


      I waited a week+ as Lightroom CC uploaded the pictures.


      Then I turned back to Lightroom Classic.


      Only now classic doesn't sync with the cloud anymore. Sure I can turn the sync on but there is never any sync activity at all. It shows all my photos in synced collections as synced, but neither does it upload new photos I add to those collections nor does it download photos I added on mobile. New collections I create on either side (Classic or Mobile/CC) do not show up on the other - however my mobile devices and Lightroom CC all sync with each other just fine.


      I have tried logging out and back in.

      I have tried "Rebuild Sync Data".

      I have tried restarting the mobile apps and my computer


      I have not tried syncing to a new catalog because I am afraid of what might happen or that I'd have to download half a terabyte of data that is already on my hard drives three times (original catalog + local copies for CC + backup on NAS) or worse even that what I uploaded to the cloud might get removed and I have to start over.


      I have no idea how to get sync working again.


      I'd be grateful for any pointers in the right direction or possible hints to find the culprit/s. Possibly corrupt image files interfering with the sync? There are a few videos among the images...

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have both versions of Lightroom installed on my computer. I look at Lightroom CC occasionally, but Lightroom Classic CC is my program of choice. Adobe has stated that the two programs are not intended to be used together, at least at this time. I tried to get them to synchronize on my computer thinking it might work, but it doesn't. At least it hasn't done so for me.

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            yashimii Level 1

            Thanks, you are right, I read that somewhere as well. I also read that some people managed to set up Lightroom classic to work with the mobile applications like it was before CC came out. I guess my mistake was the "migrate catalog" option.


            What I want to use in parallel: my two mobile devices and Classic on my PC. If that forces me to relinquish Classic what exactly is the point of the Adobe Cloud subscription including classic? Why does Classic even have any sync features at all?


            Update on the sync: It's syncing again.

            What I did: I switched syncing to another (empty) catalog (which I stated above I didn't want to do, I know) and back to my original.



            • New Problem: I am getting tons of duplicate pictures... in the form of virtual copies? I have no idea why this is happening and if I will be able to get rid of those copies once the sync is done.
            • Old Problem: My "synced" collections are still not showing up.


            The setup issues are a different thing... my guess is I should never have migrated the catalog instead added all my pictures to a collection and set that to sync. Can someone confirm that this assumption is correct? Is there anyway I can achieve this while keeping my catalog and not having to upload half a terabyte for the third time?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can sync collections with Lightroom Classic CC, and they don't count against your cloud how location. Of course, they aren't full-sized images but rather smart previews. But you can still edit them on your mobile devices and those edits will apply to the master images. That's what I do.

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                yashimii Level 1

                If I use collections to sync, that means I cannot take advantage of the Adobe Cloud space (I have more than enough space) for backup?


                For now this seems to mean that I can either have Classic or cloud backup?




                Not a happy light-room user right now. I got hooked on the mobile version sometime last year for sorting and only now find the time to get started on the "big consolidation".


                I've spent a month waiting for this (2nd) upload to finish so I could use my motivation to finally start sorting the 50k pics I've accumulated over the past 15 years and more often than not failed to delete enough of them - especially in the early years. I pictured this perfect solution where I was sorting pics on my mobile devices and later working on them in Classic - for a quick hack CC is fine but Classic has much better processing options, filtering, facial recognition and tagging and also I have at least one example where something I did in CC and tried to recreate in Classic yielded completely different processing results. The CC result looked like the white balance had shifted to blue for some reason I could not figure out.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Well, I'll have to let you work that out. I have an external hard drive to back up my images. I'm not worried about using my allotted cloud storage space. It's there if I want it. You'll just have to decide what's going to be best for you. For me, Classic is the best choice.

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                    yashimii Level 1

                    So the collections created on mobile showed up in classic.

                    Without knowing why I consider my original problems solved.


                    Classic is the best choice overall for far too many reasons. I'll leave my current images on the backup, hoping that in some future version Adobe reconsiders the workflow options for Classic + Mobile.

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                      yashimii Level 1

                      To clarify: turning it on and off again in various ways eventually yielded results.


                      - log out of adobe id (Sign Out can be found under the Help menu in Lightroom Classic)

                      - switch to another catalog and setting that one to sync, then switch back (that seemed to help)

                      - go to Preferences > Lightroom Sync > Sync Activity, press Alt, select Rebuild Sync Data


                      One or all of these may help "reset" whatever caused the sync to stop working in the first place.

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                        yashimii Level 1



                        I have removed all synced content from mobile/cc and started over.

                        I am trying to sync only via synced collection from my Classic catalog.


                        However, while I can get images from other catalogs to sync collections of those so-called "smart previews" to mobile/cc. This catalog can download images from mobile/cc but it seems unable to upload a single image. I've tried everything including deleting the sync cache at


                        C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Sync Data\Sync.lrdata


                        Lightroom Classic remains stuck at "Syncing 1 image"


                        Can the size of the catalog be the reason for this issue? It has 66k images in it.


                        Someone please help, I really do not know anything else I could do. I really need some way to sync photos to mobile, if only to take a few presentation/collections with me.

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                          Yep, Lightroom Classic CC does seem to be broken.


                          Tried most of the above and it just doesn't work.


                          Still looking for solution.


                          Also, when I click Make Public LR just waits forever and can't seem to find communicate to create the web link.


                          Anyone else get this?

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                            peterc-nz Level 1

                            After deleting  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Sync Data\ and restarting Lightroom a couple of times a complete re-sync began.


                            I'm picking the cause could have been laptop running out of battery while sleeping but Lightroom open, although there were 24 sync errors from quite a few months ago that could have been implicated.


                            The web Make Public had been stalled for over 12 hours and that has come good as well.