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    Missing Template Handler -- Need Clarification

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      Could someone please clarify, once and for all, how the CF Missing Template Handler is supposed to work?

      I have a server (Windows Server 2003, sp1 / IIS 6) on which multiple web sites are defined, via host headers. After playing around as recommended in this knowledgebase article:


      I remain confused. Let's assume two sites, A and B. In IIS Manager, for each site I specify a URL for the 404 Custom Error. Each URL points to a ColdFusion template in the root of the corresponding site -- /FileNotFound_A.cfm for Site A and /FileNotFound_B.cfm for Site B.

      Also in IIS Manager, for each site I specify 'Check That File Exists' for the .cfm extension.

      Once I've done that -- and, contrary to the knowledgebase article, without ever having to stop/restart either IIS or ColdFusion (version 5.0 on this server, but I've also gone through this same exercise on another server where I have MX7 running) -- I observe the following behaviors:

      1. If I try to go to nonexistent URLs /foo.htm or /foo.cfm on Site A, I see /FileNotFound_A.cfm.

      2. If I try to go to nonexistent URLs /foo.htm or /foo.cfm on Site B, I see /FileNotFound_B.cfm.

      3. Behaviors 1 and 2 occur whether or not Missing Template Handler is specified in the ColdFusion Admin.

      In other words, specification of a Missing Template Handler in ColdFusion appears to be totally redundant. IIS Manager is properly handling the job all by itself.

      Am I missing something?