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    Image Size/Resolution


      A couple of questions out of curiosity regarding Resolution.


      When I open an unprocessed JPG into PS from my Canon DSLRs (6D and 5D4) then check the Image Size, it shows Resolution as 72 ppi.


      When I do the same with my Sony Rx-100ii, the Resolution is always 350 ppi.


      What setting, and where, does Photoshop know to make the default Resolution 72 vs. 350 ppi?  Or is it the camera dictating that number to PS?


      Can it be changed?  I'd just like to process my images with the same settings but even more so, I just want to know how these numbers are being assigned as they are in PS.


      There is one PS Preference setting (Units & Rulers) I thought might help but it changing that doesn't affect anything.


      Thank you.

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Tonyp,


          You might have to check the camera for DPI/PPI settings and change the resolution of JPEG format from 72 to 350.


          However, you can change this in Photoshop by going to Image > Image Size.




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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's the metadata (file info) that the camera generates and the ppi figure is for print, not screen.


            If you go to Image > Image Size and uncheck Resample, you can change that number from 350 to whatever you want and see the resulting Print Size in English.


            I don't know how you set that figure in your camera.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Resolution is metadata in the file, usually put there by whatever creates the files.


              If there is no resolution metadata, Photoshop assigns 72 ppi just as a more or less arbitrary default. Photoshop needs some resolution figure to calculate font sizes and smart objects, and 72 is as good as any other number.

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                tonyp89031793 Level 1

                Thanks for all the responses.  It's a complicated topic asked on many message boards and this is the first time there was an answer that made sense.  Many helpful people spend a lot of time explaining resolution and why it usually doesn't matter, which is really great.  What always baffled me is how those default numbers got there in Photoshop based on the camera.  This seems to explain it.


                Again, thanks to everyone.