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    Weird UI language bug




      I'm in serious troubles on CA, I've just installed it and there is a issue on the language displayed.

      Screenshot 2018-02-26 13.02.14.png


      I've tried to change language putting an "ca_force_english.txt" in my User's Documents directory. Also I've changed the language on Creative Cloud app and reinstalled CA several times, but nothing seems to work. (ideas taken from here). I've used the creative cloud suite (AFTER EFFECTS, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, PREMIERE, MEDIA ENCODER, BRIDGE) everyday without that kind of situation.


      I'm on  a OS Sierra

      Screenshot 2018-02-26 13.19.51.pngv


      I need to clear this issue to be able to use the software. This "alien language"doesn't work for me.


      Any ideas?