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    How to get the "s" object into the scope of an extension using turbine.getSharedModule

    stewarts16448458 Level 4

      I want to build a Launch extension that can manipulate values on the Adobe Analytics tracker object ("s" by default).


      I see in the Feb 8 release notes that the updated Adobe Analytics extension (v1.1) provides access to the tracker object via shared modules.

      I see here that the function to call is turbine.getSharedModule

      I see via inspection of the api calls on the extensions page that the AA extension name is "adobe-analytics".


      So, I'm left with a couple questions:


      1) How do I get the updated Adobe Analytics extension (v1.1)?   I only see 1.0.0 in the extension catalog and I don't see any way to update.


      2) What is the string to use for the sharedModuleName parament in turbine.getSharedModule? 

      My best guess is below:

      var sObject = turbine.getSharedModule('adobe-analytics', 'tracker');



      Thanks in advance!