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    Photoshop brush, eraser, etc. is 10x bigger than cursor circle


      My photoshop brush, eraser, etc. is 10x bigger than cursor circle. I have a 2-in-1 tablet that I haven't used in tablet form much. Windows 10. CS6.


      Yes, I know this question has been posted before. I spent most of Sunday looking at these forums and googling it. I feel like I have tried everything. This is part, possibly not all of what tried & failed:


      -Reset tools

      -Reset all defaults

      -Mouse Pointer size in Ease of Access

      -Something re: mouse in Control Panel

      -Photoshop Preferences are set to: Painting cursor: Normal brush tip; Other cursors (whatever this is): standard tip

      -Yes, cap lock is off


      I wonder if this is related to the display size issue (menus, etc. were miniscule) which I also had, but was resolved by Dell Tech support. If I have to uninstall and reinstall I will use this tip from gener7:


      If you have Windows 10, simply go into Program Files\Adobe\Adobe CS6 folder and left-click on the Photoshop CS6.exe file. From the Context menu that opens, go down to the bottom, choose "Properties" and the Properties dialog opens.


      Click on the Compatibility tab there and you should see the scaling options you see in the screenshot, but for Photoshop.


      Please let me know if you can suggest anything else I could try other than uninstall and reinstall. Thank you so much for reading this!