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    Paragraph and character styles PS CC 2018

    richardb13189246 Level 1


      There are two bugs that are making these "features" absolutely U N U S A B L E. I am aware these issues are not new (and actually it's surprising that they were not fixed for that long).

      First thing is, both paragraph and character styles change the font size in a weird way - if I, for example, set font size to 14pt in Paragraph Style dialog, it will render as 9.96pt. It happens with every font I've tried, the settings are not overridden by anything. This issue was already described here photoshop paragraph style font size is incorrect, problem and as far as I know there's no solution.


      Second bug is more, well, unpredictable. Clicking on paragraph style applies just some of it's settings to the text layer. I have, for example, a new paragraph style with font color set to red, font family to Times New Roman and font case to all caps. I am trying to apply it to  black text, Arial, no all caps/small caps settings.


      Sometimes when I apply it on the text layer (both, existing and newly created one) it will change all the settings, sometimes it will just apply the font case (but leave the original text color and font family), sometimes it will change just the font family, and sometimes it won't work at all.


      Just before you ask - I was following the Adobe instructions, or some tutorials on YouTube. When I apply the paragraph/character style, it appears in history. It's not just an issue with one file. I have no idea if that was happening in previous version, cause it's the first time I needed these.