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    "Open With" not opening Photoshop option


      Trying to get, just installed today, Photoshop CC to "Open With" for a .jpg. to open directly in Photoshop. And then allow double click in PC. Tiff is working correctly.  When goto "Open With" find a program in "program files" click Photoshop icon. Does not show after click on, then cannot click "always use this program".

      I have restarted the computer. Thank you for the help.


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          Hi Piers. Try the solution here:

          Photoshop not an option in "Open with..." menu


          NOW, my question to Adobe is - WHY IS THIS STILL A PROBLEM?!?
          Every time I run a major update, I lose all of the open with commands and have to go in and manually edit the registry. I mean, the problem and solution above was identified back in 2011 - nearly 7 years ago! Surely some smart engineer could think to add a registry update when we move from CC to CC 2017 to CC 2018...
          (And don't tell me it's because the old program isn't uninstalled - we updated our version of Photoshop, so of course we would want to use the latest. Not to mention have the old version removed completely.)