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    Converting eMails WebPages in PDF

    GSpuhler Level 1

      Hi Community


      When converting eMails out of Outlook with Acrobat DC pictures are no show in the converted PDF file. Place holder/place maker " ? " are shown on the converted

      file. Where can i change the settings in Arcorbat DC to make sure that all elements after coversion are shown in the PDF file.


      Thanks for assistance and best reagards


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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Gregor,


          Sorry for the delayed response.


          Are you still facing this issue? If yes, please try following troubleshooting steps:

          1- Check if an update is available for Acrobat using "Check for updates" option under "Help" menu, reboot the machine after installing update and try again. You may also download updates from here: Adobe software and product updates

          2- If that doesn't work, Goto the Change Conversion settings option on the Adobe PDF tab in outlook. On the settings tab , unselect - "Block downlaod of external content" and try again.


          Let us know if you need any help.


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            GSpuhler Level 1

            Good evenng Shivam


            Many thanks for your assistance in troubleshooting my problem. I tried both suggestions:


            1- nothing happend doing an update and rebooting. Stil same problem.

            2- the solutions was to unselect "Block download of external content" in the Outlook Adobe PDF tab.


            Now the conversions into Adobe PDF are complet including all information. Now it works perfect.


            Thanks in assisting troubleshooting my conversion problem.

            Best regards



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