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    File Corruption Help!


      Hi! So I have a drawing i'm working on, saved frequently as a PSD no problems. I go to save it as a PNG and it asks if I wish to save over file with same name, I didn't think I saved this as png already but yes over write. I close the file on photoshop and go to upload the png and I can't find it anywhere. I go to open the PSD to save again and I can't open the PSD. The png is nowhere to be found on my computer and the PSD throws "Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document.". The thumbnail for the drawing still shows how it was when I closed it.

      I think I may have somehow saved the PNG over the PSD file somehow? I'm not sure really but I would LOVE some help because I really don't wanna start all over with this art :^(