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    Photo shop 7 scratch disc full!!!


      Trying to load photoshop 7 onto my computer (a for life one - my grandson has upgraded)

      I have windows 10 and Photoshop will not initialize as scratch discs are full - Im 72 and dont understand

      Can anyone help in 'english!' ie not computer speak

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          Ged Traynor Adobe Community Professional

          See if this help

          Photoshop 7 in Windows 10 Scratch Disk Full Error


          It's possible that the Hard Drive on the PC is over 1TB in size

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            The first thing to realise is that Photoshop 7.0, while it is fabulous software, is 16 years old. This is FOREVER in computer terms, and you're trying to run it with the brand new Windows 10. It's a bit like getting hold of a hundred year old car. It may look nice but it's going to need a lot of hands-on expert attention, quite often.  That said, a lot of people still have this working, while other old software is in many cases as much use as a betamax of your favourite film.


            If you want to solve this yourself you're going to need some basic knowledge. How big is your hard drive, and how much free space is on it? In some cases solving this needs wiping your hard drive.

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