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    png-8 greater than 8192 * 8192 in the current version of Photoshop?


      I have Photoshop CS5, my PNG is 11,000 * 11,000 px and I want to save it with png-8.

      If I save it with "For Web ...", then this is only for images with a maximum of 8,192 * 8,192 px. With "Save as ..." the image is saved in the original resolution, but only with png-24 - and thus the file becomes extremely large.

      Is there a limitation of 8.192 px for png-8 in the current version of Photoshop?

      How else can I compress such a large png (the usual online tools can only compress a maximum of 50 MB and my file is over 70 MB in size)?


      Thanks in advance for a helpful answer