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    Embedding Fonts for Dynamic Site

      I have been working for quite some time trying to embed fonts in my Dynamic Flash file. Basically I have a Flash Movie that uses PHP/MySQL to load dynamic data. Most text fields throughout the movie are dynamic. I have used setTextFormat() and setNewTextFormat() when setting the font style.

      I originally tried loading an external library containing the fonts, however I gave up on that and just tried embedding the standard way, by creating a dynamic text field on the stage and using the 'Character' button selecting the glyphs I wish to use. However, after publishing the movie, I removed the embedded font from my computer and the font still did not display in any text fields throughout the whole movie.

      The movie selects the fonts dynamically through a drop-down menu in the editor. Basically I pre-select several fonts, embed them manually into the .SWF and store the font name I want in the drop-down menu which changes the active font in the database. When the font is on my computer it works beautifully, but I am yet to get it to work after embedding it many different ways. I am using Flash CS3, publishing in AS 2.0, and Flash Player 6. You can view the live .SWF at http://www.quick-sites.biz/TestServer/Version4. Click "Login" and click the "Fonts" page to see where the fonts are changed.