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    Molebox pro and director

      I tried packing my projector exe file in molebox pro but I can't run it as when i run it, it says that it needs shockwave player 8.5 to run..

      I tried bundling in the molebox pro package all the shockwave files that I found under Windows/system32/adobe/shockwave 11 but it still doesn't work.

      Has anyone used molebox and knows what files to include as to make it work?

      Thank you very much

      P.S: The projector works fine in its original form (it is "standard" so all the libraries are included in the .exe file)
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          Martin Schaefer Level 1
          Molebox Pro is a _very_ interesting product and it would be a great enhancement, if this functionality would be integrated in Director.
          Especially the feature of including ActiveX controls with no need to register them is absolutely great!

          Actually I haven't tried Molebox Pro with Director yet. Have you tried to exclude the Xtras from the projector and place them in an xtras subfolder, choose Shockwave instead of Standard for the projector (make a fast start projector) and place 'dirapi.dll' and 'iml32.dll' next to your projector?

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            Level 1
            Hey Martin,

            Tried your suggestion..Unfortunately,same error once more. I made the projector Shockwave and placed all the xtras within the Molebox package.. :(