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    Phonegap Just Spins


      I just downloaded and installed the current version of Phonegap (.4X). I am running Win 10 Ent LTS. First I tried a "normal" install, and got the spin wheel, since the page said Win 8, I uninstalled, and reinstalled with Win 8 settings, no change.


      I went to a post, that mentioned my issue from 2 years ago. I downloaded the "PhoneGap Win Fix", zip file, and ran that, it did fire up, but then asks if I want to upgrade to .4x, and the github page fails to load.


      Am I missing an install / setup step? this is my first time working with any mobile app software, I have a lot of years in Desktop, and intermediate web development, but never done any mobile app stuff, so I think the directions and the post are assuming something between the lines, that I am not understanding.