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    Removing facet affects another face rule


      I have an issue with Adobe Cloud Experience Search. There are two rules setup that are somehow conflicting.


      Rule 34

      If all of the following conditions are met:

         Facet Categoryt1 equal Shooting

         Facet cat2 is selected

         Facet cat3 is selected

      Perform the following actions:

         Reveal facet Action

         Reveal facet Caliber

         Reveal facet Carry Position

         Reveal facet Gauge

         Reveal facet Hand

         Reveal facet Magnification

         Reveal facet Objective Diameter

         Reveal facet Product Type

         Reveal facet Shell Length

         Reveal facet Shot Size

         Reveal facet Size

         Reveal facet More Ways to Shop

         Reveal facet Tube Dia.

         Reveal facet Bullet Weight




      Rule 33

      If all of the following conditions are met:

         Facet Categoryt1 equal Shooting

      Perform the following actions:

         Remove facet Action

         Remove facet Caliber

         Remove facet Carry Position

         Remove facet Gauge

         Remove facet Hand

         Remove facet Magnification

         Remove facet Objective Diameter

         Remove facet Product Type

         Remove facet Shell Length

         Remove facet Shot Size

         Remove facet Size

         Remove facet More Ways to Shop

         Remove facet Tube Dia.



      the resulting behavior is


      - at the level one page, "Shooting" categories facet display, and "Bullet Weight" facet displays


      - at the level two page, the same happens


      - at the level three page, "Shooting" fact does not display, and "Bullet Weight" facet does not display


      If I add


      Remove face Bullet Weight


      to the second rule, the "Shooting" categories are hidden, which I want, but I do not want to hide the Bullet Weight on deeper levels.