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    dispatching event between sessions

    kingquattro Level 1
      Hey guys,
      I am pretty much a new bee at flex and action scripting. I am creating a web app, and one of the requirements is that it has a messaging system. Not chat session, but something similar to email.

      use case:
      user A and B are logged at two different location. But are unaware if other is logged in or not. User A would like to send A message to B, so a types up a message and sends it, the message is saved in the DB, and User A dispatches an event. If B is logged in then its is listening for an event, and hence will know there is a message waiting. Else when B logs in, it adds an eventListner for any message, and at the same time fetches all unread messages from the DB.

      Any idea how i can dispatch and listen for event across sessions?

      I know the other way would be to dispatch an event every few mins that Query's DB for any unread messages, but one I don't want to do a "busy waiting" on it, secondly if thats the only way how can I setup an event that is dispatched on clock tick?

      Thanks for your help.


      p.s I am using RPC and Coldfusion 8 to interact with my MYSQL 5 DB