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      i have a graphic is a star , the star has an animation that contains five key frames the stars goes up and down until it reachs the final keyframe , but i want the stars to rotate like a wheel all the way until the ending key frame how is this possible i was playing with the transform rotate but it doesnt look good if you guy understand what i mean can you please post a solution thank you
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          clbeech Level 3
          there are many ways to do this - however the easiest may be to simply use the rotate function in the Tween controls in the properties panel - assuming that the keyframes are being tweened.
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            lumija79 Level 1
            well i know what you talking about but when i do that the star wont rotate or look like is moving like a wheel , i did select rotate cw 1 on every key frame but the stars stays the same it wont move i just looks the same no movement ? am i doing something wrong ?
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              clbeech Level 3
              well i think that the problem here may be that the rotation of the star over the given period is 'matching' the points - that is to say that the period of rotation is such the each movement may 'match' the position of the previous point. to remedy this I would rotate the star independently over a long period within an mc of it's own and then move the mc to form the bounces. I've created an example for you to work with using this principle HERE download the FLA file to view the construction.
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                lumija79 Level 1
                thank you very much for the file that really help me understand and thats exactly how i want my animation to look