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    Head and body the same thing




      Im creating a range of figures for a kids show. The thing is that the head and the body is kind of the same thing, like a big head with arms and legs. Do you have any tips on how to use character animator with a head/body figure? Is it possible to connect the arms and legs to the head instead? It work when having the staple tool but cant really make it work with the auto staple function.


      Thanks you in advance!

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          It probably depends more on what behaviors you want to use. Different behaviors need to know different body parts. E.g. if you want to use the walk behavior, then there is more of an issue than if you just want to use face controls. If just using draggers for example, they won't care what something is - they just drag it (so you can attache arms to the head no problems). The concept of "head" and "body" is important for head movements, "legs" if walking, "eyes" if using eye / face tracking, etc. Other than that, Character Animator does not really care what your puppet looks like...


          I noticed https://graphicmama.com/blog/free-adobe-puppet-templates/ has a "cute fish" that has fins for example, with a cucumber just below it on the page. Another good source of sample puppets is Okay Samurai Puppets .  Of course Adobe has some free samples too somewhere.