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    Fixing Application.cfm

      First of all, I'm dealing with a poorly written app. I have add a directory off the webroot called checkout. I've placed the .cfm files to handle processing cards using a secure link. I'm able to post the amount to charge to the page that gets the customer's info (cc, expdate, name, etc). This page is accessed securely through https. But when I want to post the entered card num, etc to the following page i'm presented with a login prompt. I should be presented with the following page where the data was posted but i'm not. I know this has to do with some logic in the Application.cfm file in the webroot because it has a section of code that allows only certain requests to go through based on defined variables, where the default action if no variable is defined is to cfinclude the login.cfm template.

      I dont' know how to get around this (much less, fix it) without breaking other code. The reason for the logic in Application.cfm is just to keep non-logged in users out of the members only webpages.

      Any ideas on how I can circumvent or better yet fix this issue? Enclosed is application.cfm