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    Opening PDF in IE11 browser stops with loading

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      I could need some advice in finding problem opening pdf in browser IE11.

      Problem seen.

      When i try to open website http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/agphome/documents/Pests_Pesticides/JMPR/Report07/Tr iadimefon.pdf my browser stops loading at +/- 400kb. Each time is a different size. When i look  at the folder C:\Users\moreer\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\CENR2G39 i see that the document has the size of downloading. So it stops downloading at a given point. When i refresh a coppleof times the document could be fully downloaded and it displays in IE11.


      I have no problem in Firefox.

      I have no problem when plugin is disabled.

      When i disable the plugin the file will be fully downloaded and displayed in adobe acrobat Pro DC.

      The file is downloaded in the same location as where IE wants to download it.


      We have reader XI installed and acrobat DC.

      I have tested it with changing reader preferences

      enable/disable  Display in Read Mode by default

      Connection speed 56Kbps/LAN

      Enable/disable Allow fast web view


      Security enhanced    Protected view off/All files

      Enable/Disable   Enable Enhenced Security


      IE setting Registry

      Add to trusted sites

      use SSL3.0


      But nothing seems to work?


      Can anyone help me?