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    It's not my problem... this from customer service... Not good Adobe!

    ShelleyLS Level 1

      I had personal accounts for CC and Stock that we wanted to move into my company's Team account to make it easier to manage and to share licensed images with my team, while maintaining my remaining credits.. Shouldn't be to difficult, right? WRONG!!!


      This started a couple of weeks ago when our IT Admin had me transferred and my individual account was moved to the team. Great, except anytime a team member tried to use a image I had licensed it gave them an error or asked them purchase a license. I tried following everything in Adobe Help and in the forums, and while my team could see the images, they still couldn't access the licensed copy. So, day before yesterday started off by calling in. The hold system said the approximate wait time was 14 minutes, 35 minutes later the call was finally answered. Then we were transferred to several people, finally ending up with a rep name Anushri. I gave permission over the phone to transfer the images to the team account. Then yesterday morning, I had to email her again giving her permission to move the Stock images from my personal account to the team stock account (of which I am an admin and which we had been assured would allow my team access to the licensed copies). WRONG AGAIN!.


      So we email Anushri again and explain the problem. Now she says that the images will be under my personal account until the next billing cycle and that they are assigned to me and I would have to assign them to someone else for them to use.  My response verbatim.... "Isn’t that what transferring them to the team was supposed to do? Or are you saying I have to go into almost 3 hundred images and assign them to another user and each time one of our users needs an image I’ll have to change who it is assigned to?" The IT Admin who has been helping me with this responds "I was assured by multiple people, multiple times that changing the license to the Team Stock license would allow all of the secondary admins the right to use these stock photos that have been licensed under Shelley’s account. This needs to be the case."


      Anushri's only response... "I am not from the teams department


      If you need help regarding licensing  ,please call at 800-443-8158"


      Are you kidding me, it's ok for Adobe reps to say 'It's not my problem', to blatantly ignore customer questions and just say to call in to talk to someone else for help!?!?!? And what did she do? As far as I can see nothing, my team still can see images in the library but cannot access licensed copies, just like before we called in!!!


      Adobe I love your products, but if there was anything else that even remotely compared, we'd cancel our team accounts go somewhere else just because your customer service is a joke!