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    Unable to decrypt multiple pdfs (all of them have the same password) - Action Wizard




      I tried to decrypt multiple files at once but unable to succeed. I did try many options suggested in the internet but no luck. So hoping i could find some help here..

      Software used : Adobe Acrobat X Pro , OS: Windows 7 Enterprise


      Here is what i did to decrypt 3 files which have same password and are placed in a folder in my desktop

      > Created new action using the action wizard

      > Under the "Protection" Action, selected encrypt - Option - Security Method - "None"

      > Start with -> "A folder on my computer"

      > Save to -> Ask when action is started & saved the action


      When i run this action, it doesn't prompt me to enter the password so that it could decrypt instead it gives me the message in the image I've attached.


      Acrobat Wizard.JPG