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    Moving from Photoshop into After Effects




      Apologies in advance if this is quite a basic thing I'm not quite working out atm! I've gone through lots of the AE tutorials step by step and am now trying to figure out how I can cater AE to the work I do. ATM I'm looking for it to to speed up my workflow and push animation possibilities, and once I've cracked this I hope to keep learning


      I'm moving from creating short animations in photoshop (an example below) but this can be slower than I'd like and so I am now trying to learn and move over to  AE to animate my PS compositions. Getting my head around the different workspaces and failing a little atm.











      Currently for longer animations (multiple 'scenes') I'd create a number of mov exports from different photoshop compositions and piece these together in premiere.


      Does this work in a similar way for AE, so to create a multi 'scene' animation (creating original artwork in photoshop) would it be best to create these scene by scene and bring these together in Premiere?


      If not, my thinking is that the AE file would have a crazy number of layers on the timeline panel as my photoshop compositions often have 50+ layers.


      Any advise here would be great.


      Thanks in advance