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    [Duplicate] How do I Deactivate Photoshop CS6 from dead computer?

    jarhtmd Level 1

      PhotoshopCS6 has been installed & activated on both of my computers (Win10 desktop & Vista laptop).  The Vista laptop died. I want to install CS6 on my new Win10 laptop.   Of course, that means I have to deactivate one of the existing activated instances of CS6 before installing.  All of my activated Adobe products along with their product codes, etc used to be listed in my Adobe.com account, but they are no longer there.


      I have boxed CDs, product codes/keys, etc for CS6 & Lightroom4, both of which I want to install on the laptop.


      I don't want to even attempt installing w/o 1st deactivating, for fear of causing the codes/keys to be "killed" for everything.  Having it installed on 1 computer is better than not having it at all.


      How do I deactivate so that I can reinstall & how do I insure that all my Adobe products are properly activated?




      [Duplicate question - please see here : My Activated Products no longer show at Adobe.com  - please do not duplicate questions]