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    Photoshop CC Brushes and Pencils not working

    Samdusa Level 1

      I was sketching some artwork in Photoshop CC on my Wacom art tablet. (Windows 10) The battery was running low but I thought there was just enough to make a few quick changes to my sketch right before charging time.  Unfortunately, midway through making changes and constantly saving the project, the art tablet shut down from a low and empty battery.  I put it on charge and turned it back on to make sure nothing was damaged.  The tablet as a whole is fine, but Photoshop seems to have lost the texture of the pencil used and also does not match the texture of the grunge paper effect that I have set as the main layer.   It seems now that all of my brushes have lost texture and only draw in small dots (it isn't a continuous straight line with no breaks anymore... instead the pencils leave empty spaces and only show up in small increments as I drag the Wacom pencil around.  I tried changing the texture and pattern and brush spacing preferences for several of the drawing tools but it seems the settings have been corrupted due to the crash and changing it to normal only makes it worse.  Resetting the tool preferences seems to have no results.  Any ideas on how to get Photoshop back to normal and be able to continue to draw with the same pencil and textures?