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    Lightroom mobile has stopped syncing with CC

    jmad70 Level 1

      Lightroom mobile on both my phone and iPad have stopped syncing with lightroom CC. I have both CC and classes and they are communicating fine with each other, but nothing is being transferred to mobile as of a few weeks ago and I cant seem to find any settings or preferences that would address this.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi jmad70,


          Sorry that you're unable to sync images from your mobile devices. The below set of troubleshooting steps might be helpful in resolving the issue:

          • Ensure that your Lightroom for mobile app is up to date.
          • Ensure that your are running Lightroom on your desktop and Lightroom for mobile app on the same Internet WiFi network. Syncing is paused over the cellular network, if you've enabled Sync Only Over WiFi in Lightroom app's settings.
          • Ensure that Lightroom for mobile is running in the foreground, especially when the syncing is in progress. To achieve this, make sure that your mobile device does not go into the sleep mode.


          Let us know the outcome.