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    Last version of CS6 (Perpetual license)

    Alan9940 Level 1

      Hello All,


      Getting ready to move CS6 to a new computer in a couple of weeks and I'm finding it difficult to determine what the last official version of CS6 is/was for Windows 10 x64. Based on a search, I found a thread saying 13.0.6 (Mac) was the latest, but other replies intimated that there were later versions; perhaps only for CC members which I'm not. I found an update page on Adobe's website where I see a 13.0.3 update, but nothing later. I done Help>Updates, but that indicates that I'm on the latest version at 13.0.1. Can anyone tell me what the last x64 perpetual license version of CS6 is/was and how to get it?


      Thank you.