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    [object] when returning to swf after getURL new window

      Hi All,

      Hope someone can help -

      When I use the following code in a swf (to open a fullscreen window with some html) – the page loads perfectly, but when i return to my original swf, it’s no longer in its original state – it’s just a blank page with the word [object] !

      Here’s the code for the swf action:

      on (release) { getURL(“javascript:window.open(‘ http://www.computersinpersonnelhr.com/clientarea/images/productfaqs/ciphrpeople/CiphrPeopl eQuestions.htm’,’fs’,’fullscreen=yes, toolbar=yes, location=no, scrollbars=yes’”; }

      Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can resolve it?

      Many thanks!