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    links not working on my footer


      I need help with the website that I am working on for a company. I have five links on my footer that do not want to work. What advise does someone have for me to solve my problem. I have tried everything, including typing it all over again and actually linked them in each of there breaking points. Which I only have 3.

      Also, how can I get my 320 breaking point for the phones to work correctly with the Safari browser.

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          There migh be something overlapping the elements in the footer.

          I guess, the footer elements are placed on master?

          So maybe some elements from your page/your pages overlaps the footer?

          If this isn`t the case I ask kindly for a .muse:

          Reduce it to your main issue, with only one page, save it with a new name into your "Creative Cloud Files" , rightclick onto the file and share a link with us.


          The breakpoint at 320 shouldn`t be a real breakpoint but the minimum width. This might help a lot.


          Best Regards,