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    Quicktime .mov

      First, I am using components for special effect in my flash. I need to export a .mov file with an alpha channel for a transparent background. How do I do that in Flash when these components scripts work within a movie clip and not on the main time line? As you know, exporting a movie file (.avi or .mov) special effects will not show up in final product. With components, you are limited to .swf files. Although one can convert the .swf to an avi through Moyea SWF to Video. But if you want the background transparent, it’s no good. If you have a solution that you know for sure works with a file .mov (alpha) please let me know. I have tried many avenues, importing the swf into Aftereffects, and even making the .fla's backgroun 00FF00. Help me OB-1 Thanks!