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    Actions cannot be recorded

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      I am tired of this!

      I have the new edition: Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.1 20180206.r.254 2018/02/06: 1156206  x64


      Now, I cannot record actions, nor playback existing ones. The tool used is not recorded. I cannot record the pen tool. I cannot record the brush tool. I cannot record the spot healing tool. Actions are dead. They no longer work.Dowa


      Now, the last edition destroyed my ability to keep my saved fonts and also display a preview of any font. That has been fixed, but I can no longer use Actions.


      The edition before that had it's problems. When it was fixed, other problems popped up.


      I am sick and tired of paying $9.99 a month for software that fails to keep working. One thing gets fixed. Another gets broken.


      There are also help pages that tell you to reset a tool by right-clicking any tool and choose 'Restore defaults'. When I right-click a tool, all my tool options are shown, not a menu or a menu item that says 'Restore Defaults'. This instruction is on Adobe's site and it is wrong! If it does not work, remove this item from the Help files.


      There is a tutorial on using the Edit/Fill tool. It says you can choose 'text'. I cannot. The window shown in that tutorial does not appear.


      I have spent approximately $480 on this software and there are problems with both the software (Photoshop CC) and with the help files for Photoshop CC. And though you pour through these help files that are now extinct, you are constantly being brought back to the 'Have a problem? Start with these tutorials!" page. Those tutorials do not work, and the things described in them are no longer available.


      ADOBE SOFTWARE: Read this! You are asking for a class action suit! And I am not lame enough to let you slide, I WILL bring that suit if you do not clean up your act and get this software and your help pages corrected. UNDERSTAND?



      I  don't know about you, but since the release of Photoshop CC, I have NEVER been able to use the eyedropper and pick up an accurate color, even when that color is a plain background color. The color is off every single time.  Why? I want an answer. I want many answers.


      1. Why doesn't Edit/Reset tools change my tools?

      2. Why can I no longer create an action, nor replay an older, existing action?
      4. WHEN will Adobe get Photoshop CC right, and not cost me TIME to get these items fixed? TIME IS MONEY, and I want compensation.


      Yesterday I spent over an hour and a half trying to get these fixed. I called spoke to a level 1 tech. She did not even know how to create an action, so she passed it to her boss, a level 2 tech. He created the action, but instead of closing the recording, he closed the file! The action was therefor not recorded and then he spoke: "I'm going to elevate your problem to the next level: A (I frankly forget, due to the frustration). "A new tech will call and address this issue."


      Yeah? Does Abobe pay for problem-solving? Are we the test monkeys for their product? I didn't agree to that. I want to be paid to be a software tester. Will that happen?


      I doubt it. He will probably write a problem report for a fix for the next edition of this product that I have already spend a LOT of money on. And time on. I want something for my time, just as any employee gets paid for theirs, because this time is costing me money and new contracts. What am I to tell my contractors? "Adobe messed up again"?


      I can't live with this! Can you?


      One last question: I was told my problem would be elevated and I would get a phone call to troubleshoot this problem. Okay... when will that phone call come? I NEED IT NOW.


      Last month it was fonts - Favorites were not tracked and previews went away. The month before it was some other problem. The month before that, it was another problem. And hey. This feature was promised: Take a look. It doesn't work like this any longer.


      Create with patterns in Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop CC tutorials



      Good luck. Find the trees drop down list item. It isn't there. . Also, find the Frame drop down item. THIS NO LONGER WORKS, and i understand this feature as a PROMISED feature. It does not work, just like so many other features that were promised, especially the one called 'stability'.

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          I did not read all of your problem.  Action tool recording is an option not done by default and that option will also be disabled if you load Adobe Plug-in Scriptlistener.  However existing action that included tool recording should be playable.  This types of actions normally only work well on document that are the same's size and resolution as the document used to recorded the action. Tool recording IMO is not very useful genially.  I do not know why yot can not play actions the have recorded tool operations.  Of if you have installed Scriptlistener so  tool recording has been disabled.  I also do not know if there is a new bug in CC 2018 19.1.1 in the area.  Adobe release too many bugs in new code.  My advice to you is install older working versions of Photoshop so you have something to fall back on should Adobe introduce a new bug the effect what you use in Photoshop.



          You are also not dealing with Adobe here this is a user forum we are users like your are.