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    Editing screenplays in pdf - formatting, licenses, price


      I contacted customer support to arrange a consultation but so far have not heard back, so I thought I would pose my questions in the forum.


      We are a small film school and this year are starting up a Writing Program. I myself am the lead instructor.


      Part of our initiative is to cut down on paper; therefore we will be restricting ourselves to pdfs. I would like the instructors to be able to edit the students' screenplays as part of the class instruction. The screenplay will be projected on a screen for all the students to view. However, what I need to know is if the formatting will be retained during the editing. For example, dialogue in a screenplay is indented on the left and right. If the instructor edits the dialogue, will the indentation remain the same on both sides, or will the text spill over onto the right side of the page, making the formally-uniform formatting uneven?


      We have three computers per classroom and four instructors. This means we would likely need three or seven licenses (TBD). What is the cost in Canadian dollars?


      Is there a one-time fee or are we restricted to a monthly/yearly subscription?


      Thank you,