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    Gold Trim on watermark effect help + Brushes thumbnail


      Hi Guys

      so as it says above i got 2 issues.

      First is the brushes ive gotten online. a bunch of water mark brushes and before i upgraded to 2018 photoshop i could see what the brush looked like before using it and now its just a swipe of the brush which doesn't tell me what I need at all. Also it says they are all dried blood splatter.


      issue 2 is I.m not entirely sure how to do this, I basically want to create a watercolour effect on the corner of a page and then have a gold trim around it that blends into the colour. So like a slow gradient from the colours into a gold trim blending gradually and nicely. I tried feathering a gold texture over the watercolour effect after layer masking it to match the general shape of the watercolour effect but didn't work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.