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    I don't understand the updates




      I currently use Lightroom Classic CC and pay a subscription of 11 € 99 / month.
      And everything is fine with me: I store all my photos on external hard drives.

      When I click on the small link "Adobe Creative Cloud" at the top right of my mac, I see among the 3 proposed updates:
      1) Photoshop CC "Install"
      2) Lightroom CC "Install"
      3) Lightroom Classic CC "Update"



      1) I do not need it right now!
      2) I have better with the "Classic" version right?
      3) I already have it and no need for online storage !?

      And in the 3 cases they ask me to spend 17 € 99 per month !?
      What are those confusing propositions? May I just ignore?

      Thanks for your help!
      GG from France