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    How to edit synced photos in Lightroom Classic CC with drive offline?


      Hello everyone.


      I'm creating this discussion because I couldn't find an answer for that anywhere else.

      My problem is that I want to be able to edit my photos in my notebook anywhere I take it, without having to carry my big and fragile external hard drive where my pictures are stored.

      I've already synced some of my collections and I'm able to edit my pics from anywhere using the Lightroom CC on my computer or the mobile version in my phone. But when I try to edit using Lightroom Classic CC, even though the pictures are synced, it says the files are missing and I'm only able to make any adjustment if I plug my hard drive in.


      So I need to know how to edit synced photos in Lightroom Classic CC with my external hard drive (the one my pictures are stored) offline.


      I would really appreciate if anyone could held me with that,