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    ACR freezes when transferring a file to photoshop

    cnichols@scrtc.com Level 1

      I have identical problems on my PC and laptop, both operating with Windows 10.  When I open a raw file to photoshop it goes directly to ACR as it's supposed to, and all the functions in ACR seem to function correctly.  When I try to then open the file either as an image or an object in PS, the entire program freezes with no warning messages, and the only way I can get out of PS is to open the Windows task manager and turn off the program from there.  Unlike when other programs freeze there is no statement in task manager telling me that PS is not responding.  If I open a JPEG file in PS and apply convert for smart filters I can move the file to ACR but can't move it back to PS after using the Camera Raw filter.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling PS twice to no avail, and have also turned off the use graphics processor in PS preferences with the same lack of improvement.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem, and if so how was it solved.