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    Turn on/off live pages


      I have a client that wants me to build them a simple website that displays his rental properties. quick and easy,  no problem. However, he wants to be able to turn off pages for the propertlies he has rented out already. Is there a way I can make it so he can do that without me having to upload a new site every time one of his tennents moves in or out?  Some option in the in browser editing maybe?

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately you cannot switch off pages. In IBE one can only edit content/change content.

          You can delete the content of the page but this will of course look very bad.

          You might need a CMS for that. Maybe this is doable with hosting on BC. But hosting is quite a bit more expensive than "normal" histings, I´m afraid.

          There are some CMS for Muse also like publiz.com , but even they need some cash each month.

          I recommend to watch out at BC.


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